Albino Buffalo celebrates local art by making it accessible to everyone.

Since 2014, we have been creating stickers using artwork from local artists of all kinds (makers, designers, illustrators, writers, photographers, etc). We then dispense these stickers from repurposed vending machines housed at various locations in the region. 

To date, we have launched 5 series of stickers, collectively featuring over 30 regional artists, who together have contributed over 150 works of art. Over 5,000 stickers have been dispensed via three machines at two current locations (Unglued and Drekker Brewing). Past and current contributing artists can be found under the Series Artists section.

All ages take part in the thrill of collecting these artist stickers, which are randomly inserted in each machine, leaving recipients unaware which sticker they'll receive. Golden tickets, also randomly inserted, can be redeemed for various Albino Buffalo merchandise. 

This is a self-funded project and all the profits go back into making this project bigger and better with each series release. This project would not be possible without receiving an initial grant from The Arts Partnership. Our awesome stickers are created by the good people at Office Sign Company. This project originated from the mind of Jeff Knight at Cereal, a creative design and branding studio, and continues to be run by him and an amazing team of volunteer friends. 

Be sure to send questions, comments, or ideas by sending us an email here.